YWCA to get $37,000 from Mayor's Benefit Gala

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The 2014 Mayor's Benefit Gala in the City of Utica raised more than $50,000 -- and $37,000 will go to the YWCA of Utica.

Mayor Robert Palmieri was joined by his wife and the executive director of the YWCA to make the announcement. Nearly 840 guests attended the gala at the Radisson Hotel. Funds will support the YWCA's domestic and sexual violence services.

The agency goes into schools and workplaces to educate the public.

"We need to be in the schools for age-appropriate lessons about 'good touch-bad touch,' and understanding what dating violence is," said Natalie Brown of YWCA of Utica. "We've had girls self-identify to our educators that they didn't know they were in an abusive relationship until we went there."

The YWCA is a nonprofit, so the donation will be a big boost to help with services.

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