Young baseball players learn life lessons through sports in honor of fallen hero

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Quinn Field in Utica was filled with community children, Saturday, as they picked up trash, and prepared themselves and their field for the baseball season.
However, these kids aren't part of just any team, they are part of the Thomas Lindsay Baseball Clinic. 
This team was created back in 2009 after the Utica Police Officer was gunned down at a traffic stop. 
It was created in order to honor Lindsay and to give community children a way to participate in a sport without the high costs. 
The league director says they have gone from 75 kids to over 100 in the last few years.
"For youth it's a great time for them," said League Director, Bernard Hyman. "There's not a lot for people to do in summer time to keep kids busy, keep them off the streets, and keep them out of trouble which is our motto for league: kids in sports play out of courts."

This is the team's sixth season in existence.  

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