Final meeting held before residents vote on the fate of the Yorkville Police Dept.

By WKTV News

YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Tuesday's Yorkville Village Board meeting was the final meeting before taxpayers vote to either keep or abolish the Yorkville Police Department.

In a special discussion session, the board invited community members to ask questions about the upcoming vote. Many residents telling the board that they feel like there's a lot of unknowns and that they don't have enough facts about the proposal.

If the vote passed, the three Yorkville police officer positions would be eliminated and five Oneida County sheriffs would patrol the village, what Village Mayor Tony Leone says would save the village an estimated $40,000 on administrative costs.

"With any business you need an administrator, and administrators cost money, this is where we're going to save money," says Mayor Leone. "We're still going to provide police protection but we just won't be administering it, it'll all be done by the Sheriffs Department which is an accredited organization."

Many residents addressed the board, saying they want to see how the plan would save money, wishing there were other options being proposed to them, and wanting to see a contract or written proposal with the Sheriffs Department before they vote on something they fear could only bring future changes.

"If the County Sheriffs come in here it's the county taking over something," says Village of Yorkville resident Joshua Amodio. "Next would be who knows maybe the DPW consolidating service, even though we're talking about an abolishment of the police department we don't know what is next."

Mayor Leone responding to the residents saying that there really aren't a lot of options out there and that since taxpayers are already paying for the Oneida County Sheriff Department's protection, it could be a good one.

"They'll be no time at all they will not have police protection in the village," says Mayor Leone. "I would never ever put the safety of the residents at risk."

Village of Yorkville residents can vote on Tuesday December 13th in the village board room on 6th Street, from noon until 9 pm.

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