Locals support Leon and Romy at AGT viewer party


WASHINGTON MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Leon Etienne and Romy Low fans came out in full force on Tuesday evening in Washington Mills, all in support of the "magical duo" and their Top 12 Tuesday night performance on America's Got Talent.

People of all ages filtered into Tony's Sports Bar in Washington Mills, ordered their pizza and kicked back, relaxed and waited for the magic to happen.

Bill Keeler, WIBX host as well as one of the viewer party organizers said, " Our goal is to get people to realize they can vote a lot. There are a lot of different ways to vote and this is a celebration... A little notoriety for Utica which we don't get much of."

There was a special supporter at Tony's tonight, one who knows Leon very well, his brother Matt Etienne. Matt told WKTV he was out in support of his brother and all the hard work he had put into his performances. He said he used to be in Romy's spot, " We did a actually when we were kids neighborhood kids, he'd have me in a box and I'd escape from it."

The fans of this magical duo are hoping these two steal the show and win the entire competition.

Patricia Allen of Sauquot said, "I've seen Leon and Romy perform many times they are fantastic and I think its awesome young people follow their dreams."

If you haven't voted yet, be sure to vote like the fans at Tony's did!

Here's how to vote for them:

BY PHONE: Cast a vote using the toll-free phone numbers, at the end of the show. Dial the numbers on the screen during the show relating to your contestant of choice. You can vote up to 10 times per phone line. (For example, call 1-866-60-AGT-04 / 1-866-602-4804 for Contestant 1).

ONLINE: At 10 times per email address on Example: 1 home email address and 1 work email address = 20 votes

ON TWITTER: 1 vote per twitter account.

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