Boston lacrosse team sorry for racy halftime show

BOSTON (WKTV/AP) - It's all the talk on the Internet right now. The Boston Blazers are getting burned by a half-time show that was too hot to handle for some.

A lacrosse game billed as "family friendly" featured lap dances and it infuriated fans. One fan actually recorded the whole thing and posted it on YouTube.

Scorch, the team mascot, was celebrating his birthday and three young women were competing to see who could give him the best lap dance at half-time. The team's Facebook page is now filled with negative comments.

Boston Blazer's general manager Doug Reffue says the team was "extremely disappointed" with parts of the halftime show Saturday at the TD Garden. On Monday, Reffue said it was part of a halftime promotion that "wasn't executed according to how it was spelled out to us."

Reffue said the dancers were not members of the Blazers' dance team, but fans who volunteered for the halftime promotion. He declined to discuss additional details, but said it won't happen again.

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