Death toll in Japan climbs beyond 10,000

By WKTV News

TAKAJO, Japan (AP) - The death toll is climbing and there's more bad news out of Japan's earthquake-crippled nuclear power plant.

Officials now say there are about 2,800 confirmed dead, after
another 1,000 bodies washed up along the Miyagi coastline.

The Miyagi police chief estimates that number will top more than
10,000 in that province alone.

There's also been a second hydrogen explosion at a nuclear power
plant in the northeast, injuring 11 workers. Tokyo Electric also
says a third reactor at the plant has lost its cooling capacity,
raising fears of a meltdown.

Hours after the blast, the U.S. Seventh Fleet said it was moving
its ships and aircraft away from the area after discovering
low-level radioactive contamination.

In response to the crisis, Japan's central bank is taking
measures to try to stabilize the country's economy after stocks
plunged more than 6 percent.

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