Global net-izens worried over US spying

By WKTV News

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - There's concern and some resignation but not much surprise among global users to media revelations of massive U.S. phone and Internet data collection in the name of security.

Many global netizens say they already have few expectations of online privacy as governments increasingly monitor people's digital lives.

Privacy activists are concerned and are calling on people to take measures to better protect their digital data. But most people eschew encryption and other privacy tools.

Jamie Griffiths, a 26-year-old architect working in London notes that he wouldn't send an email that he "wouldn't want a third party to read."

From Baghdad, to Bogota, Colombia, many say they already carefully censor what they write online and assume governments are spying.

The revelations, though, could hurt U.S. technology companies if Internet users become disillusioned and abandon them in favor of more secure alternatives.

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