Nazi diary seized in NY posted online by DC museum

By WKTV News

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Hundreds of handwritten pages from the World War II diary of a key Nazi adviser to Adolf Hitler have been posted online by the U.S. Holocaust Museum after federal authorities recovered the lost documents from a home in western New York.
According to The Buffalo News, officials at the Washington, D.C., museum announced Tuesday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement transferred the diary of Alfred Rosenberg to the museum. Some 400 pages of the diary have been posted on the museum's website.
Rosenberg, a close confidant of Hitler, was a Nazi ideologue and propagandist whose writings espoused the superiority of Aryan culture over the Jewish race. He was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and hanged in 1946.
Delaware-based federal investigators seized the diary earlier this year at a home in Lewiston, north of Buffalo.

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