Second Annual Take-Back Prescription Drugs Sweeps the Nation

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) Local police departments trying to get unused and unwanted drugs out of homes took part in a national Take-Back Prescription Drugs drive Saturday.

This is the second year the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) scheduled the Take-Back day in an effort to prevent pill abuse and theft.

The event took place at police departments across the state and country.

Police were using a don't ask policy, their focus just trying to get the drugs off the streets.

"Environmentally we would rather have them disposed of properly than being flushed down the toilet or end up in a landfill and somehow get in to the water table," says John Abel of Utica Police. "Also with the rise of prescription drug abuse, the rise in crimes of these drugs being sold, this is a good alternative."

Once collected, the pills are sealed and transferred over to the DEA immediately.

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