Ships investigate signals reported in jet search

By WKTV News

PERTH, Australia (AP) - A British navy ship has reached the area of the Indian Ocean where a Chinese ship reported detecting a "pulse signal" over the past two days.
The HMS Echo British ship is fitted with sophisticated sound-locating equipment that could help determine whether the sounds came from the missing Malaysian plane's "black boxes."
Some experts are expressing doubt that the equipment aboard the Chinese ship was capable of picking up signals from the black boxes.
Officials say Australian military aircraft are also being sent to the area to investigate. An Australian navy ship with high-tech sound detectors from the U.S. Navy will also head to that area. But first, officials say the Ocean Shield will investigate a sound it picked up today in another part of the search area.

Meanwhile, a senior Malaysian government official says investigators have determined that the missing jetliner skirted Indonesian airspace as it flew from Malaysia to the southern Indian Ocean. 

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