Sunday, December 21, 2014

Local ties to New Jersey family coping with Sandy aftermath
By Hilary Lane

NEW JERSEY (WKTV)Many residents in New Jersey are still without power as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

In certain areas of the state, there are no working traffic lights and all of the schools and businesses are closed.

Also, spotty cell phone service is a problem for many living in the area.

Some supermarkets are open, using power from generators. At the stores, items like bread and water are completely sold out. Perishable food items are also not allowed to be sold because they haven't been refrigerated and could cause people to get ill.

"No one knows what to do with themselves," said New Jersey resident Jay Levin. "It's getting colder and colder, no one has heat, no one drinkable water, you can't do your laundry, you can't take a shower, you just don't know what to with yourself. I have never seen it like this."

The worst devastation in the state is along the Jersey Shore.
Seaside Heights, what once was a family favorite summer destination, is now completely destroyed.