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Only watching the Super Bowl for the ads? Here's a sneak peek

For many, the ads have become one of the most eagerly anticipated things about the Super Bowl.

Man fatally shoots dog at Texas dog park

Witnesses expresses outrage after man fatally shoots dog at Texas dog park, claiming the animal was being too rough with his pet.

Snowy owls pop up again in Northeast and Great Lakes regions

Last winter brought an unprecedented number of snowy owl sightings in the northern United States, and this winter is turning out to be above average as well.

Nor'easter weather travel restrictions

The busy Northeast corridor prepared for a winter wallop that was expected to bring up two to three feet of snow from northern New Jersey all the way up to Maine. Here's what residents of the big cities in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic need to know about the coming storm.

WiFi cameras can now be used as a more affordable method of home security

Installation of home security systems can be pricey, but affordable new technology can help keep an eye on the house when no one is home.

AHL President announces possible changes in franchises locations

AHL President Dave Andrews said at this morning's press conference that what has been done in Utica in just a year and a half has been truly amazing.

Experts warn that fake tickets are a certainty as the Super Bowl nears

Looking for Super Bowl tickets? Experts warn that fakes are out there. Some are so convincing that even ticket brokers get scammed.

Washington State mother accused of slashing 2-year-old and six-month-old twins

29-year-old Christina Booth was arrested early Saturday after her husband found the children bleeding from their necks and called 911.

Secret Service recovers 'device' at White House

WASHINGTON (AP) - A spokesman for President Barack Obama says a drone of some kind has been found on the grounds of the White House but it poses no threat.

Infant disfigured after mauled by several pet ferrets

An infant has been disfigured following a mauling by several pet ferrets.

Twin 9-year-old boys left home alone for 6 months

The uncle of twin 9-year-old boys is facing child neglect charges after police say he left the boys alone to fend for themselves for six months.

Pep rally kicks off NHL All-Star weekend

The AHL All-Star Game held a pep rally to kick off the All-Star weekend at 11:30 a.m.

Man gets a taco tattoo to receive free tacos for life

A Michigan man received free food for life in exchange for being a walking-talking advertisement for the company.

New ad shows RGIII without Redskins logo

WASHINGTON - Robert Griffin III runs 76 yards for a touchdown - without a Washington Redskins logo on the side of his helmet.

Jury to resume deliberations in Bosnian war crimes case

BURLINGTON, Vt. - A federal court jury is set to resume deliberations in the case of a Vermont man accused of committing war crimes in his native Bosnia 21 years ago and then lying to U.S. immigration authorities about his actions.

Abortion and guns: activists join together

Leading anti-abortion activist calls on pro-life supporters to join fight against gun violence at annual March for Life.

Getting back on their paws: paralyzed dogs walk again

Program at North Carolina State University is helping paralyzed dogs walk again.

No more leggings: Tennessee school considers ban

Tennessee school district considers ban on tight-fitting leggings.

Sitting to death

New study finds sitting at a desk all day and in front of the TV in the evening increases your risk of an early death.

Living Healthy: New device helps shed pounds

Pacemaker-like "Maestro System" recently approved by the FDA regulates hunger signals between the stomach and brain.

Home of Newtown school shooter to be demolished

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT (AP) - Officials in Newtown, Connecticut have voted to tear down the home where Adam Lanza lived before the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.