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Heroin deaths on the rise - and the faces of victims are changing

Heroin-related overdose deaths continue to rise in our country – and the largest group of victims is changing.

Ice leaves lobster researcher stranded on tiny Maine island

If you're sick of all the snow and ice this winter, imagine being stranded by ice on a small Maine island for the whole month of February.

Unlikely friends: Kindem celebrates his 90th birthday with his 4-year-old pal Emmett by his side

Erling Kindem celebrated his 90th birthday Sunday with his 4-year-old pal Emmett by his side.

Dog left paralyzed after being hit by car learns to walk again

A dog left paralyzed after being hit on an Arkansas road is making a remarkable recovery.

Living Healthy: behavioral modifications for insomnia

NBC NEWS – One in every four people struggles with falling asleep at night. Haley Hernandez takes a look at solutions for sleep problems, revealing how our own behavior could be getting in the way of a restful night.

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu sparks controversy during D.C. visit

Benjamin Netanyahu does not want to inject Israel into the American partisan debate on Capitol Hill.

Tax refund season has many Americans wondering what they should do with their refund check

It's the heart of tax season, and that has many Americans thinking about what to do with their refund.

Downtown Grantville, Georgia, once used as a set for "The Walking Dead," for sale on eBay

You'll find all sorts of things for sale on Craigslist and eBay, including a small southern town. Downtown Grantville, Georgia is currently for sale on eBay.

Authorities investigating deadly LAPD shooting

Authorities in Los Angeles this morning are investigating a deadly police shooting on Sunday.

New survey: Butt lifts and implants are among the fastest growing procedures

New statistics on cosmetic surgery trends finds less is more when it comes to the face, and more is more when it comes to the backside!

Tiny camera capsule allows veterinarians to examine digestive tracts of their canine patients

A tiny capsule with four cameras inside is revolutionizing veterinary technology, and helped a sick Arlington, Washington dog.

Family shocked after ailing 2-year-old's photo becomes fodder for cyberbullies

Mariah Anderson has been fighting for her life since she was born, and now her family is having to fend off internet bullies.

Free credit score offers: check early and check often

Free credit score offers from credit card companies pop up.

Two security breaches hit the White House

Secret Service agents were seen patrolling the White House lawn after two separate security incidents.

Union Station in Utica named one of America's 11 most beautiful

UTICA, NY - Big kudos for the City of Utica's Union Station from the popular website,

Anticipated ban on 556 XM 855 ball ammo affects gun owners and shops

An anticipated ban on 556 XM 855 ball ammunition has made the bullet very hard to find right now. And, of course, this has made it more expensive to buy.

An Oregon log cabin reported as stolen has been found

An Oregon home that was recently reported as stolen has been found, but the mystery surrounding its disappearance remains murky.

New interactive toys collect data as your children play with them

New technology is bringing the fantasy of of the "Toy Story" movies to real life.

Leonard Nimoy, world famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek', dies

Leonard Nimoy, world famous to "Star Trek" fans through a beloved cult TV series and a half-dozen films as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died.

New details on the Utica man arrested on terrorist charges

New details on the Bosnian man from Utica was arrested on terrorism-related charges.

Parenting social media: Part 1

Children of all ages are online, but what are those kids subjected to when they log on? And, as parents, how can we keep track of what they’re doing?