New shoes for dancers at Thea Bowman House performance

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)- Dance students at Miss Laurie's School of Dance at the Thea Bowman House got a special treat for their dance performance Tuesday night- more than 90 pairs of tap shoes.

The dance program was able to purchase the shoes, thanks to donations from members of the community and community organizations.

Tuesday's performance attracted more than 50 people to the Thea Bowman House on Genesee Street. The performance featured dancers ages 5 through 17.

"We have a showcase of all the different dance styles they've been working on," said Laurie Hotaling dance instructor. "It's about the process. When you come in you're going to see some positive energy at work everyone is at a different stage in their growth but this program helps them develop as people and as dancers."

The dance program takes place in both the summer and during the school year.

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