All Oneida County voters will use new voting machines in Tuesday's Primary


(WKTV) - If you are at all concerned about the new electronic voting machines, elections officials say don't be. The optical scanner equipment was used as a test pilot in Marcy last November, and election's officials say everything went off without a single hitch.

Here's how the process will work. You will enter your polling place like you have so many years in the past, you will sign in, but instead of going to one of the old lever machines, you will be give a paper ballot, and then be directed to one of a privacy booth, where you will then mark your ballot with a black marker provided.

Once you are done marking your ballot, you will then come over to the optical scanning machine where you will simply slide in your ballot."

Republican Commissioner Pamela Mandryck expects everything to go smoothly and voters will enjoy the new process, she says voters in Marcy did last fall, "no issues, no issues at all, our problem last year was our lever machines kept dying on us."

Mandryck says if you make a mistake, like checking a category twice, the scanner will let you know, you can have the scanner spit it back out, and then get another paper ballot and go through the process again.

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