DECISION 2012: College students watch the debate


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) Some students gathered at the Ralph F. Strebel Student Center at Utica College Tuesday night to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate. Jobs and gas prices seem to be the most pressing issues facing the students leading up to the election.

"I want to be able to find a job when I get done with school. I don't want to worry if i chose the right major and if i'll be able to find a job with that degree," said student Victoria Lamanna.

"Really for me it's kind of everything I do everyday," said student Christian Leogrande. "I mean I go to the pump right now it's killing me. I have two jobs just trying to put gas in my car and trying to look for a job is a nightmare. I'm just trying to get an idea of what's out there and it's horrible."

"Financial aid. Whether it's through loans, grants. Whenever you hear Obama Romney that's what all the college students talk about. It's what gets their attention," said Junior Luis De Leon. "In my opinion if there's anything they should be paying attention to it's financial aid because for a lot of students, a major reason they are able to go to college it's financial aid. I have a lot of friends who are seniors or super seniors and they are thinking about what to do after college and the workforce is a major issue that matters to them."

"The issues that are important to me are taxes and stuff dealing with school. If the tuition will go up or down and jobs because i'll be graduating within the next year," said Senior Jamel Moyer.

The students we spoke to said the debates allow them to hear first hand what each candidate stands for.

"You get to know each different candidate," said Lamanna. "You get to see their personalities and how they handle different issues and the questions that they face."

"I feel like you can get a better idea of where people are coming from. Not as so much what they're saying but it's how people say it," said Leogrande."I learn a lot about how people say it and then i'll go back on my own and do a little bit of fact checking. But you can just see in the conviction of how somebody says something that really shows what they really believe in and if they are true to what they are going to say."

"Before the debate you kind of have a general sense on what the people you know say about the candidate but it's a different story when you hear it from them directly," said De Leon.

"It shows me how they act when they are under pressure," said Moyer.

Earlier in the semester the school rallied students to register over a three week period. "We had on average about 50 students register to vote each day," said Bethany Piraino "Assistant Director of Student Services. Piraino says they have big plans for Election Day. "We're planning on a red carpet so they feel like it's something important to do and of course we will have food and decorations and decorate your own red white and blue cookies"

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