Locals honoring fallen heroes

By Allison Norlian

ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Kenneth R Knapp's grandfather was a New York State Trooper and although he never met him, he has made it his mission to honor and promote awareness about fallen state troopers.

Kenneth B. Knapp, was a trooper from 1932 until 1945 when he was killed responding to a domestic dispute. In his honor and the other 130 troopers killed in New York from 1917 until now, Knapp created an organization four years ago titled Tribute To Troopers otherwise known as Troops Remember.

In honor of National Law Enforcement Week, Kenneth R. Knapp's organization set up a display at the Ilion Public Library, which is in honor of the people who run towards the chaos while everyone else is running away.

Knapp said, "The main goal is to make sure that the memory of these troopers was to not be forgotten. Year after year as it goes by that they are remembered and honored."

He displayed binders with pages of fallen troopers along with newspaper clippings, a thank you book and even a picture of his grandfather.

This topic was a sentimental and emotional one for Knapp who comes from a family of troopers. When asked what he would say to his grandfather today he replied... thank you.

The display will be at the library until the end of the week.

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