Florida man charged in death of New York State Trooper

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A Florida man has been charged with murder after intentionally striking a New York State Trooper along I-81 in Broome County, Thursday.
Almond Upton, 60, Melrose, Florida was arraigned in Town of Chenango Court on one count of Murder in the 1st degree after he intentionally struck Trooper Christopher G. Skinner along I-81 in Broome County.
According to State Police, at approximately 12:00 p.m., Upton was traveling on I-81 when he intentionally hit two cars driving north. One driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at Wilson Hospital.
One mile further, just north of exit 6, between Chenango Bridge and Castle Creek, Upton spotted Trooper Skinner conducting a traffic stop, and traveled from the passing to driving lane intentionally striking Trooper Skinner and sideswiped the car he stopped.
Trooper Skinner was killed instantly.
Upton's vehicle continued on a short distance before he stopped, and ran into nearby woods.
He was taken into custody approximately an hour later, and was sent to the Broome County Jail with no bail.

The investigation into the death of Trooper Skinner continues. 

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