Gov't cuts summer gasoline price forecast

NEW YORK (AP) - The government says gasoline will be cheaper this summer than previously expected thanks to a drop in the price of oil.

The Energy Department says drivers should pay an average of
$3.79 per gallon at the pump from April through September. That's
down 16 cents from last month's outlook and not that dramatic an
increase from last summer's average of $3.71 per gallon.

This month's forecast is a reversal from previous warnings of a
sharp rise in gasoline prices. The government had said last month
that gasoline prices in May could jump above a monthly average of
$4.01 per gallon.

Oil prices have dropped about $7 per barrel since April 2.

The national average for gas has declined 17 cents since early
April to $3.76 per gallon on Tuesday.

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