UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - State Senator Joe Griffo (R-47) is hopeful that Mixed Martial Arts fighting will become legal in New York State this year. An MMA judges and training course was held Saturday at the Radisson Hotel in Utica. MMA is legal in 47 states and it has a huge following, based on attendance and pay per view sales alone. Senator Griffo is a strong supporter of legalizing the sport in New York. The Senate has passed the bill several times but the Assembly has decided not to take up the issue. Griffo said, "Those who do not like the sport will not have to participate. The sport is much more organized and much more regulated than it was in its original origin so as a result of that we feel like this is a sport that should be allowed in the State of New York and as a result the state will benefit economically." Griffo thinks this year things will be different as there is a new sponsor in the Assembly and a new Assembly leader. Griffo is hoping for a vote within the next couple of months.