Hall of Fame weekend brings miles of stories and memories

By Pat Bailey

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV)-- "There you are, thank you." said Bob the trolley driver. His job this Hall of Fame induction weekend is to escort thousands of tourists around Cooperstown.

Bob Famulare has been driving a trolly for two years, meeting new people, and hearing different stories everyday."I Love the job, again I love the people." he says.

Famulare says his favorite story came from one of his oldest customers, from the farthest away. "And she says to me, I am from San Francisco. She said I am 87 years-old and coming to the Hall of Fame was on my bucket list. I thought that was really cute." He went on saying, "There are so many unique stories about doing this, again because you meet so many neat people."

With so many people in town once again, this weekend, Famulare and his trolley are putting on the miles. He said, "Going down Main Street there are no vehicles allowed, we are it. We are very busy, we have four trolleys running this afternoon and more than that tomorrow for induction day."

For two bucks you can hop on the trolley and let Bob be your chauffer. You can sit back, relax, and trade stories until the next stop.

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