Hillary Clinton at Hamilton College: we're flirting with a debt default


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to about 6,000 students, faculty and residents at Hamilton College Friday night.

The former New York Senator, former first lady and former presidential candidate drew experiences from her long political career to address some of the nation's most pressing issues.

On the fourth day of the government shutdown, the gridlock in Washington couldn't go ignored.

"It is hard to recall in our own lifetimes, a previous time when politicians were willing to risk so much damage to the country to pursue their own agendas," said Clinton. "We're flirting in Washington with a debt default that would have devastating effects on the American economy and ripple through the global economy."

The shutdown forced President Obama to cancel his trip to the East Asia Summit. Clinton said this causes America to lose its grip as the world's leader.

"Russia's there, China's there, we're not there," said Clinton.

She stressed the importance of maintaining leadership- even praising Utica for setting an example by welcoming refugees that are seeking peace, opportunity and freedom.

"I thank the Mohawk Valley and particularly Utica for opening up your hearts and your homes. That's really who we are," she said.

Clinton ended the lecture by saying it's time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and work together and many students, faculty, and residents said they left feeling inspired.

"I think a lot of the stuff about women's empowerment was really neat to listen to," said a Hamilton College student.

"Really the globalization about how we just have to be more part of the world and show a better example to the rest of the world because everyone looks up to us," said Matthew Young, another Hamilton College student.

There was also a lot of buzz about the possibility of Clinton running for president in 2016. The president of Hamilton College even introduced her as a possible future president and many attendees said they hope she runs.

Clinton hasn't eluded to whether or not that's in her future plans.

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