Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ilion Mayor appears on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight"
By WKTV News

WKTV - The Mayor of Ilion sat down for a live interview Monday night on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." Mayor John Stephens says he was contacted last week about appearing on the show.

"I received a phone call in my office from one of the reps from CNN asking me if I was willing to go on the show and be interviewed on what effect Remington could have if they were to leave the village and the county the area, the region and I said, sure," said Stephens.

Stephens was a guest on a show all about gun control. Stephens was in a segment with Former Republican Representative Steven Latourette from Ohio.

Piers directed his first question towards Mayor Stephens. Morgan asked Mayor Stephens how the stricter gun laws would affect his area. "We need to slow down the entire process. We need to step back. We need to think about things. We can't have this knee jerk reaction that's been going on. From my perspective as the CEO of Ilion, which houses Remington Arms, and it has for 200 years, my concern is keeping that alive. And the job retention and the economic development of Remington within the Village of Ilion, New York.

The segment lasted about six minutes long with Latourette speaking for most of the remainder of the interview. Morgan did address Mayor Stephens one more time near the end of the segment. Morgan asked Stephens if he thought the increase in guns had a direct impact on the increase in gun violence. Stephens answer was "no."

Stephens says New York State has pumped millions of dollars into Remington in order to keep them in the state for many years. Now with these new gun laws, the state could be forcing them out.

Stephens said Remington just added another 100 jobs a couple of weeks ago- the company employs 1300.