New York State hosts Museum Week 2012


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV)-- There are more than 2,000 museums located across New York State. From May 31st to June 6th, more than 200 of them will be taking part in something new.

Have you ever thought about the history around you? The history of where you live? Well, now you can learn all about it during the very first New York State, museum week, sponsored by I Love New York.

Tour guide at Herkimer Home, Nancy Cioch, says, "We invited other places that have historical museums to come and tell what they have so the public knows that we have a lot of great stuff in the area." she continued, "We want the public to know that we have a jewel. We have a beautiful park here at Herkimer Home and not just here but all of the other people that were represented today. Representing their historic spot..this is part of our history. And it's not just the families that have been here for 250 years, It's the people that live here today. This is what makes our country. This is home. this is an important area."

Just last year, Herkimer Home was in danger of closing. They were able to overcome that obstacle and are now taking part in museum week; something they are overjoyed about. As far as Museum Week in the future? Cioch says she hopes it's long lasting."Hopefully it will continue and grow. Tourism is very important in a the area."

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