New state health data now available online

By Spencer Davidson

ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The New York State Department of Health announced the release of new, valuable health data on its Health Data NY website, Friday.

The new published data will provide New Yorkers with 24/7 access to important health information on the web.

The Health Data NY website, the only known open data site in the United States devoted solely to state health, provides New York residents with a wide library of information in the form of public health messaging, extensive metadata, and customized visualizations.

It also allows health care providers, and the general public, the chance to analyze and download valuable health data in a variety of formats.

The new availability of such data is an attempt to strengthen community awareness, with the hope of creating a healthier lifestyle for all.

Health Data NY supports Governor Cuomo's OPEN NY initiative, which pledges to add more transparency for residents to access state data.

For more information about the newly released health data, visit

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