Officials will be on the lookout for speeding snowmobilers, SWI offenders

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he snowmobile trails in Oneida County are groomed and open for business. The Oneida County Sheriff's Department will start patroling those trails-- first thing Saturday morning. The New Year's weekend is expected to be a busy one, it's the first time a hefty amount of snow has been on the trails this season. At any time you can expect between two and four deputies sharing the trails with you, looking out for speeders and making sure the trails are safe. checkpoints. "Snowmobiling while intoxicated is a very big concern of ours," said Lt. James McCarthy with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department. "We will be watching for that. We will also have cars at checkpoints along the trails where they cross roads so we won't always be on a snowmobile but we could do a checkpoint from a car for SWI."fficials also stress that riders may not be the only ones on the trail. "You have to watch for hikers, cross country skiing, people snowshoeing. There actually could be people out hunting still you know they are always out there," said Lt. McCarthy. ast year snowmobile registrations were down to the lowest levels since the 1994-1995 season, so this could be the first time that some riders are on their sleds in two years.

McCarthy says- use common sense. "You should not go on any lake or body of water as they are not frozen yet. Be very very aware of that and a lot of the trails will still have open water and I'm sure the clubs are working on that aspect."

Snowmobilers under the age of 18 are required to attend a safety course before driving a sled. You can find a list of upcoming courses at



The deputieswill also be setting up SWI

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