Paladino calling out "RINO's" in NYS Republican Party


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Buffalo Businessman and one time Republican candidate for New York State Governor, Carl Paladino, is financing a group that is donating money to Republican candidates running against incumbents he considers to be "RINOS", (Republicans In Name Only). Paladino says his targets "do not represent what the rank and file of the Republican party stands for".

The address of the group "Turning Albany Upside Down" traces back to Paladino's business office in Buffalo. The group donated to two candidates in the Mohawk Valley, giving $2,000 to each.

The group is registered on the State of Board of Elections Website as a contributor to James Blake, Republican State Senate candidate running against Incumbent James Seward in the 51st district, and Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, Republican Incumbent in the current 115th district. Tenney is challenged by Brian Maher, current Mayor of Walden.

There are a total of five State Senators and a "handful" of Assembly members targeted by the group, Paladino said Thursday night. The biggest target for Paladino is State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

"He sold the people of the state off and hopped in bed with (Governor) Cuomo.", said Paladino of Skelos.

Paladino, two years removed from his Gubernatorial run, said he is not interested in politics as much as he is "bad government."

The donations are looked at as "a chance for Paladino to score some points, or settle some scores", said one of Paladino's targets State Senator James Seward.

Seward was first elected to the Legislature in 1986. "I remain true to the principles of the Republican Party, and in the past few years we've shown results", said Seward. "The Governor has embraced our principals."

The Buffalo businessman called Seward a "poster child" for everything wrong in the Senate and said he is "owned lock, stock, and barrel by a party that is owned by Cuomo."

"The accusations are ridiculous," said Seward. "I do not answer to Mr. Paladino, I answer to the people in my district. The vote in November will show they are happy with me."

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