Reflecting upon 12th anniversary of 9/11/01


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On the 12th anniversary of the most devastating attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, NYS government officials released statements in remembrance of the tragic day Wednesday:


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

"It's hard to imagine that it's been 12 years. In some ways so much has changed and in some ways so much remains the same.

"Physically there has been much progress. The stunning memorial that has been built, office buildings that have been built, the Freedom Tower now an international symbol of New York's resilience.

"But despite the billions spent, despite all the years of construction, some things remain the same and some things should remain the same at Ground Zero.

"The reality is that Ground Zero witnessed the worst of humanity and at the same moment, the best of humanity. It is the site where we lost 2,606 souls that day, among them 403 first responders, 343 firefighters, including 11 firefighters from Rescue 1; but tens of thousands of New Yorkers were led to safety by these heroes. 

"This morning we took the ride that the Rescue 1 firefighters would have taken 12 years ago when they got the call to leave the firehouse early that September day.

"And I imagine that they knew that they were headed into danger, and I imagine that on that ride they were thinking about their sons and their daughters and they were thinking about their husbands or wives and their mothers and their fathers. But they continued on the ride, straight and strong, without deviation and without delay. And they made a point that is as true that morning as it is today - they proved to the world that strength and courage will always conquer weakness and cowardice.

"That duty and honor and service are paramount. They are words to live by and yes they are words to die by. And that the American spirit, defended by proud New Yorkers, will not be defeated.

"That lesson and that example lives today as powerful as it was 12 years ago. And it will live on in our hearts every day to guide and to inspire. That will be true for generations to come.

"May God bless the families of the victims, may God bring them peace, and may God bless the State of New York and the United States of America."


U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna (NY-22)

"On this day 12 years ago, our nation was forever changed. Solemnly, we remember those we lost in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We honor the lives torn apart from extreme acts of terrorism.

"As we recall the brave acts of heroism on this day and in the years ahead, may we never forget the sacrifices so many have made in the name of freedom. God bless the United States of America today and every day. We will never forget."

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

"Today, we honor the memory of the victims of September 11th, and stand united with families and friends who lost loved ones on that horrific day twelve years ago. September 11th will always live in the hearts and minds of all Americans as a day of national tragedy and heart wrenching loss.
"Following the attack, we saw the best of America -- ordinary people committing extraordinary acts of selflessness in response to something so incomprehensibly evil.  So while we honor the memory of the loved ones who never came home that tragic day, we also honor the heroic acts of thousands of first responders who rushed to Ground Zero on September 11th and in the days and weeks that followed.
"September 11th was an attack on our nation, and after the tireless efforts of first responders, family members, and community survivors, Congress fulfilled its undeniable moral obligation by providing long-overdue health care and compensation for our 9/11 heroes. As the deadline for applying to the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund nears its final days, it is my hope that every eligible responder and survivor participates to ensure they get the federal aid they deserve and fought so hard to obtain."

NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

“Today, on this solemn anniversary, I join all New Yorkers in remembering and honoring those we lost 12 years ago.

"New York has come a long way in rebuilding our City since that fateful day, but we remain forever marked by the impact of those unspeakable attacks on our nation.

"We still ache from the loss of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters. As we honor their memory, let us pray for their families and loved ones, and continue our work toward a more secure future.”

NYS Senator Greg Ball

"Let us all pray that those innocent souls lost on 9-11 will never be forgotten and will always serve as a compelling, constant reminder and rallying call to keep America safe, free and strong.

"God bless the men and women who ran in as those buildings came down. God bless those lost at the Pentagon and in those hijacked planes. God bless all of those who helped in the recovery. And God bless the active duty and special forces troops and their families who have sacrificed so very much to keep the rest of us safe.

"This is a great country, but we must fight everyday to keep it that way in their memory! Freedom is not free. Some may not pay for it, but others did, in blood, sweat and tears. Let us all never forget that."


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