Remembrance ceremony held in Newport

By WKTV News

NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Community members gathered at the Newport Fire Department Wednesday evening for a September 11th Remembrance ceremony.

Despite the booming thunder and heavy rain, a nice crowd was settled in to listen to the speakers and participate in a memorial ceremony.

"The reason why we assemble on September 11th every year is so the public does not forget what happened 12 years ago," said Les Crossett, Commander, Post 1524 & VFW Post 7220.

"The loss was so great it's beyond comprehension," said Shannon McEvoy, Master of Ceremonies and firefighter for Ilion and Newport.

Some members of the crowd were not even born yet when the attacks took place. The message at the ceremony from many speakers was "keep patriotism alive."

"There was a big storm, patriotism. Everybody was waving the flags," said Crossett. "I'm believing that is starting to wane a little bit. And we need to get the message out that every day we should fly your flag. Every day we should remember what happened.

Another message: Honor our troops who are currently fighting for our freedom. "They keep that front away from us," said McEvoy. "And I think that's important for people to realize. The fight they are fighting abroad keeps it away from the homeland."

Newport Native Sgt. Richard Marko was a guest speaker at the ceremony. Sgt. Marko issued a challenge to the crowd. "Don't just make it (September 11th) a day. Because it's not a day. It's every day for firefighters and EMT's. It's every day. And some people forget about that."

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