ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The state senate passed legislation Tuesday that criminalizes the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana and “bath salts.” The bill was co-sponsored by Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-C-IP, Rome). “In 2011, we took a strong role to address the issue of these hallucinogenic drugs being sold in New York, and we passed a strong measure that Gov. Cuomo signed into law," said Griffo. "However, law enforcement and health officials noted that there were some loopholes that could still lead to the distribution of the illegal substances into New York. I believe this new measure to close that technicality is a strong response to protect families and our law enforcement personnel.” The state says synthetic marijuana products, such as Spice, K2, Cloud 9 and Black 9, have dangerous side effects. And bath salts are said to be chemically related to methamphetamines, with harmful side effects as well.