Three dozen crews battle Oswego County fire, investigation underway

By WKTV News

BERNHARDS BAY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Thirty-six fire departments responded to an enormous fire this afternoon at a business in Oswego County. It broke out at 2:45pm at the McIntosh Box and Pallet Company on Route 49 in Bernhards Bay.

The fire started shortly after all of the employees left for the day. It took crews from four counties two hours to bring the fire under control. Water supply was a big problem- the nearby hydrants simply didn't hold enough. "Typical set up, there's hydrant systems. The hydrants only hold so much water. When you start using the master systems...they start flowing upwards of a thousand gallons a minute..we set up a tanker operation. Which is pretty common for the area," said Oswego County Fire Coordinator Don Forbes.

Most of the 36 departments that were called in to help were helping supply the water. The crews had tankers bringing water from several locations to the business.

There were other obstacles crews had to deal with while battling the fire. "Just the volume of the building, the size, open warehouse type storage, pallets, sawdust-- a lot of combustable material," said Forbes.

About half of the business is destroyed, Forbes says workers will be able to do their jobs in a different building on Friday. We caught up with one employee who had Thursday off-- but rushed right down to the plant when he heard about the fire. "I just hope for all my happened shortly after work went out. I was just hoping everybody I work with was safe and ok," said Jody White, who has worked at the plant for three years.

There were no injuries. The investigation into what caused the fire is just beginning.

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