Gauthier Sheet Metal goes green and expands its business

By By PAUL MacENROE, special to WKTV

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Gauthier Sheet Metal of Broad Street in Utica installed a new plasma cutting system with improved software as a means of greening its process.

The machine is used to cut metal parts more cleanly and eliminates the use of Acetylene gas. The smoother cut eliminates the need for
grinding wheels which saves on solid waste With the help of Empire State Development the company was given a $20,000 grant to purchase the equipment and the pay back was immediate.

According to Chris Gauthier, "Because we cut our steel, cleaner and more accurately this significantly reduces our scrap and better
utilizes our raw material. This is good for the environment and great for our bottom line."

But the benefits go further. Beyond the green savings, this equipment increases the company's capacity. That means more business. A lot more business.

According to Gauthier, "Our Company has been able to attract more than $100,000 new business thanks to our increased capacity. That is substantial for a company our size.

The latest new project is a 2 1/2 story sculpture that Gauthier was able to fabricate for Brooklyn Artist, Dan George.

In a few Days it will be packed up and shipped to Arthur Square in Belfast Ireland. Which is the third green story as the sculpture will be on display in the land of the Green.

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