Sculpture symbolizes efforts to go green in Downtown Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - An effort to beautify downtown Utica began Thursday afternoon.

A piece of artwork created by Mohawk Valley Community College students was put on display in plain sight for those traveling through Genesee Street.

A nine-foot tall, life-like tree made of scrap iron has been placed in front of the Hage Building.

Somewhat tough to see as it blends right in with other fall foliage, but the tree is meant to symbolize efforts to both "go green" and beautify the area.

Hage has spent two years making the building behind the tree energy-efficient, and says he's thrilled to have such lovely artwork in front.

"It means everything to me," J.K. Hage, Attorney and Local Businessman said. "Think about what a tree represents. Think about what we are trying to do in the growing and nurturing community."

Hage officials say they are hopeful other businesses and groups follow their lead with when it comes to adding a more artful look downtown.

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