City of Utica to receive nearly $600,000 for green projects


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Congressman Michael Arcuri (D-24th) announced that $587,400 in additional stimulus dollars are headed to the City of Utica for several local projects.

The F.X. Matt Brewery, Wankel Field and the Utica Memorial Auditorium will all receive portions of the stimulus money to make energy efficient upgrades. According to a news release, they include:

1. Pedestrian lighting upgrades with 60 watt energy efficient lights;
2. Wankel Field lighting upgrade to allow for more energy efficient lighting to be used at the field, which hosts evening and night events for local schools and community organizations;
3. Utica Memorial Auditorium (The AUD) chiller replacement;
4. Installation of new, energy efficient lighting in the F.X. Matt Brewery

"These Recovery Bills funds will lower energy costs for the City of Utica and create new economic development opportunities by assisting local businesses in cutting costs," Arcuri said in a statement.

City officials were unsure exactly how much money will go to each project or exactly when they will start.

Brewery officials expect their work to be completed by March.

All told, Utica is slated to receive eight million dollars in stimulus funding.

Here's how it breaks down:

$3.5 million-Infrastructure
$2.0 million-lead abatement
$1.2 To quell homelessness
$750,000 Economic development
$580,000 energy efficiency

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