Senator Griffo and Senate Energy Chair tour local energy facilities


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Going green was a top priority Friday for Senators Joe Griffo and George Maziarz as they toured some local energy facilities looking for ways to help the companies grow.

Both men sit on the Senate Energy committee. Their touring began at Clark Energy Control Center in Marcy Friday morning and then leading to Revere Copper Products in Rome, where hydro-power was a big topic of discussion along with the power for jobs program.

The power for jobs program provides discounted electricity or energy rebates to companies that promise to produce and keep jobs within New York, and Revere Copper Products is one of the latest local companies to jump on board.

"Valuable assets in upstate are the people that work here and owners," said Senator Griffo. "So what we need to do is make the economy more conducive to business."

Senator Griffo also said that a commitment needs to be made to long-term programs such as power for jobs, that have been proven to work.

"This is our priority one," said Senator George Maziarz, the chair of the Senate Energy Committee. "Get power for jobs program extended for greater length of time so Revere can have a much better idea of what the future holds."

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