DEC wants public comments on Special Metals brownfield cleanup

By WKTV News

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The State Department of Environmental Conservation is asking for the public's comments on a draft plan to look into a brownfield site at Special Metals.

Right now there are several parts of the investigation. The D.E.C. is looking into the extent of of contamination in the soil, groundwater and sediments. They're also trying to identify the source of the contamination and most important, how to clean up the site.

There are nine areas of concern at the Special Metals Brownfield Site. This was based on historical aerial photographs and spill reports as well as past facility operations.

Demolition Debris Landfill
Former Landfill
Historic and Active Outfall Areas of Concern
Rinse Water/ Acid Spill
North Drainage Swale
Pilot Plant Exterior Building Foundation Staining
Pilot Plant Drainage Swale
Former Generator Room (inside manufacturing facility)
Former Furnaces #2 through #5 (inside manufacturing facility)

You can send written comments to:

Mr. Peter S. Ouderkirk, P.E.
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Project Manager
NYSDEC, Region 6
Div. of Environmental Remediation
317 Washington St.
Watertown, New York 13601

They're accepting comments from through May 11th.

Project documents are also available for review at the New Hartford Public Library

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