Recycle your old vehicle batteries this week at AAA


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As part of Earth Week, the AAA office in Utica is holding their annual battery recycling drop off.

You can bring any old batteries you have at home and drop them off for recycling for no charge. Central New York Region AAA General Manager Ed Welsh said that anyone can drop them off between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. this week, Monday through Friday.

When you bring your batteries down, you are urged to use gloves and if possible bring them in a plastic bag to avoid any acid from leaking. Also, do not bring them inside the AAA office, but go inside and talk with the receptionist who will then have someone come out and take the batteries out of your trunk for you.

All batteries will be put on a pallet in the parking lot and eventually be shipped to a battery recycling facility in Pennsylvania. That battery facility in Pennsylvania will recycle every part of each of the batteries. The plastic, even the acid inside will be recycled and used again in new batteries.

Welsh said that this is Earth Week and this is just one way of keeping our environment safe. He adds that 72 million new vehicle batteries are purchased every year and about five million of the old ones that are being replaced do not end up getting recycled.

People were already lining up Monday morning to get rid of their batteries safely.

Dan Winn of New Hartford was one of them, bringing in three car batteries.

"They have just been sitting on my back porch for the last year," Winn said. "So, my wife told me that this was going on today. So, I figured this was a good time to get rid of them."

Welsh said be very careful if you see your batteries are leaking.

"Leaky batteries are very dangerous," Welsh said. "There's acid in it. It will burn you and it will certainly wreck your clothes, unless you are wearing acid-proof clothes...and who has those? So, I recommend you put them in a box, get a pair of gloves on, and if you can put it in a little plastic coat, that would be better, and put it in the trunk and bring them down here."

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