Utica Marsh gets cleaned out for Earth Week

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As part of Earth Week 2010, dozens of local community members spent the day Saturday cleaning up different areas of Central New York. One spot the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation organized a cleanup for was the Utica Marsh off of Route 12.

The DEC says it is important to keep wetlands clean because they provide habitats for fish, wildlife and many endangered species. The local group of volunteers called the Utica Marsh Council spent Saturday morning doing something they say has to be done each spring.

This year was a lot easier, because they closed off part of the marsh over the winter, where people could drive in and dump garbage.

Utica Marsh Council President Laura Weiser-Erlandson said, "That was an area that a lot of people came and dumped their tires, couches sometimes and Tvs. I think we discourages a lot of people from dumping which is very good."

The Utica Marsh is enjoyed by many during the warmer months including many schools that take classes there, as well as by bird watches due to the large variety of bird species.

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