Learning to live green early

By Leigh Spann, WFLA News

When Stephanie Armenia visits schools she reads from her book titled "When Will We Be Recycled Momma?".

It's about a water bottle that wants to be recycled to become a rocket ship.

Her goal is to teach children about recycling before they develop bad habits.

Stephanie has created activities and a curriculum for schools to keep children interested in taking care of the environment as well.

"It's teaching them to recycle and about the environment, to recycle and to care about the earth and to be responsible," says teacher Sabrina McCartney.

It's a responsibility second graders are taking seriously after reading the book.

"We need to surround the children with adults, both at home and at school, who really are educated and help to empower the children to believe that they can make a difference in the world," says principal Trudi Buscemi.

A difference that starts with a simple water bottle and explodes into something much more.

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