Mohawk man says going off the grid already paying off


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - Offsetting the global carbon footprint and saving money. Imagine being able to do that right in your own backyard.

One Mohawk man is doing just that, making a difference in the earth and his wallet.

"We've melt this earth something terrible and it's about time we start thinking smart and doing stuff that's not hurting the environment," said Al Young, a Mohawk man who recently invested in a 7,000 watt Solar Panel that sits in his backyard.

The Panel has only been up and running since April of this year. Now, less than five months later, the Mr. Young is already reaping the benefits.

"What I over produce I get credit for," Young said. "Then at the end of my year, when they come and put the net meter in, and if I do have any overage, they have to cut me a check. "

Not only has Al cut his bill by 50 percent, he has offset the carbon output by more than 1,500 pounds, or the equivalent of 18 trees, in only those few months.

"Since it's been up and alive, this is how many hours it's produced. Right now that's 2,575 kilowatt hours." Young pointed to on the meter.

Young has become quite knowledgeable as he's gone through the energy transition. He has some advice for those of you who may be thinking about doing the same.

"If you're interested in the environment and if you're interested in saving money. Think twice before buying a new car."

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