National Grid presents F.X. Matt Brewery with check for energy efficiency upgrades

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On Thursday, the F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica announced completion of eight projects that will make the brewery more energy efficient.

The million dollar project includes everything from lighting upgrades to installation of a new, high-efficiency dual keg line. The brewery received a little help in the form of a $414,000 check, presented Thursday by National Grid.

Brewery President and CEO Nick Matt says that the money won't go into the Matt family's pockets, but rather, right back into the brewery to ensure its efficiency, its survival and the jobs of those who work there.

"We run as a private company and we kind of grow the company, so we, frankly, don't end up keeping it at the bottom line," Nick Matt said. "We reinvest it back into the company in sales and trying to do other good projects and so we continue to spend it."

The goal of National Grid's Energy Initiative Program is to reduce energy usage in New York State by 15% by the year 2015.

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