Old Utica Community Action Agency building going 'Green'


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A long-time vacant building in downtown Utica is getting a new lease on life.

Workers were out on Wednesday, giving the old Utica Community Action Agency building a new paint job. The building, known for years as the "New Century building" will now sport a celery-green exterior. That particular color was chosen because the site will soon house the headquarters of the city's "Rust to Green Project," - a project which will involve Cornell University students and is all part of an effort to make old "Rust Belt" cities greener.

"This building is going to be our Rust to Green building," said Utica Mayor David Roefaro. "It's going to be our premiere green building in the city. And you know, we're behind the times when it comes to green technology. I want to make Utica one of the greenest cities in upstate New York, and our affiliation with Cornell University is going to do that."

Some city offices are moving there as well - most likely the Urban Renewal and Economic Development offices.

The city took over the building a few years ago for back taxes.

Mayor Roefaro said the work would be done and city workers, along with college students would be in the building by winter.

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