Sculpture Space residents gather scraps to soon become Earth Day art

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local artistic will soon come to life to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, and on Wednesday, the artists behind those works gathered their materials of recycled scraps - scraps that will help their visions come alive.

The scraps come from the Empire Recycling Corporation, where resident artists from Sculpture Space picked through what some may call junk on Wednesday morning. For the artists, though, one person's junk was their treasure, and those discarded pieces of aluminum, steel and copper, will soon be made into works of art.

"Local artists come, pick out $100 worth of scrap metal, take it back to the studio, work on it for a couple months and donate it back to our charity auctions September 22," said Sculpture Space Executive Director Monika Burzyk. "Whatever we don't use, we give back to Empire, because we do understand re-use. There's no trash in the world. It's all treasure."

The artists hope to have all their works put together and ready for display by September.

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