Solid Waste Authority expands list of recyclable items

By WKTV News

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority says that after one year of successful single stream recycling, the Authority is expanding its list of recyclable items.

Effective immediately, residents and businesses in Oneida and Herkimer Counties are now able to recycle all plastic bottles and containers, with the exception of Styrofoam and motor oil containers. Since new recycling markets have become available, all plastic containers (with and without the recycling number code) such as bottles, jugs, jars, trays, dairy/margarine tubs, deli tubs, snack tubs, baked goods containers, yogurt cups, disposable drink cups, hinged containers and baby wipes/wet tissue containers are now accepted for recycling, regardless of the recycling number code on the container. Items such as disposable foam beverage cups, foam carry-out containers, foam egg cartons and packaging material/shipping peanuts are not accepted for recycling.

Plastic containers should be emptied and rinsed with lids left on containers, before recycling. Containers should then be mixed with other recyclable items such as paper, metal and glass and placed loosely in your designated recycling container(s). Recyclables cannot be placed in plastic bags for collection, nor tied with string or twine.

Please note: Plastic containers that previously held hazardous materials such as motor oils, antifreeze and pesticides cannot be recycled. In addition, plastic wraps, plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic toys and Styrofoam are not recyclable under the Authority's RecycleOne program and, therefore, should be discarded as trash.

"It is the Authority's mission to be aggressive and proactive in terms of managing waste and preserving our region," said Authority Executive Director William Rabbia. "Expanding the list of recyclable items not only allows us to recover items that would otherwise be landfilled, but also preserves valuable natural resources and conserves energy."

"The Authority continually monitors recycling markets to find secure, long-term markets for material. This allows the Authority to provide recycling opportunities for as many materials as possible, including the addition of all plastic bottles and containers, with and without numbers. Without sound markets for these materials, they cannot be recycled," stated Authority Recycling Coordinator Jamie Tuttle.

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