Hanna confidently casts his vote as clock ticks toward election night


TRENTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Richard Hanna, the 24th Congressional District Republican Candidate, voted Tuesday morning with his family by his side.

Hanna voted for himself again, the second time in four years, as a candidate for Congress.

Hanna said Tuesday that everything was new to him during his first run for Congress in 2008. This time around, he said he thought he and his staff have done a decent job with his campaign.

Hanna reiterated Tuesday what his message has been all along - voters have two clearly different choices in this race.

"I am not the type to get nervous over things like this. I guess I should," Hanna said. "I feel like I have done a pretty decent job this time around, and it's up to the voters now. I am confident we have a very, very good chance at being successful."

Hanna recognizes there is a real good opportunity for the scope of Congress to change dramatically after the election. However, Hanna said that is not his focus.

"I haven't spent ten minutes thinking about whether or not the Republican party will get the majority back, to tell you the truth," Hanna said. "I have (thought) about this race, this community, the people that are backing me and my own message and how to deliver it more thoughtfully every time I do."

Hanna said last week that he probably would not run again for Congress in 2012 if he loses this year's election.

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