Remington Arms' union endorses Seward, Butler, and Arcuri

ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's only five days away from Election Day, and with that in mind, politicians are always happy to see endorsements - even when they are running unopposed.

Two longtime politicians from Central New York picked up a key endorsement Thursday morning.

Those representing the United Mine Workers of America Local 717, who represent employees at firearms manufacturer Remington Arms in Ilion, is throwing their support behind Assemblyman Mark Butler and Senator James Seward.
Local Chapter President Frank Brown says they go through a careful process when they decide who they will endorse.

"We don't support just one Republican, or Democrats," Brown said. "We interview all of the candidates and we choose the one that we feel is going to keep our jobs here that will allow our people to continue to work here."

The union has already endorsed current Congressman Michael Arcuri, who is running against Republican Challenger Richard Hanna for the 24th Congressional District seat.

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