Syracuse newspaper endorses Hanna, Arcuri reacts


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Syracuse Post-Standard endorsed two candidates in local congressional races on Sunday. In the 24th Congressional Race, the newspaper endorsed Republican challenger Richard Hanna and in the 23rd, they endorsed incumbent Democratic Congressman Bill Owens.

Richard Hanna is running against Democratic Incumbent Congressman Michael Arcuri of Utica in a rematch of the 2008 election, which Arcuri won my a small margin.

The article says, "Hanna’s thoughtful take on the issues goes against today’s polarized political climate. He says he would not have voted for either the economic stimulus or health care bills — but supports infrastructure stimulus programs and wants to improve, not repeal, the health care overhaul."

Hanna released a statement Sunday evening to NEWSChannel 2 saying, "I am pleased to have the endorsement of The Syracuse Post-Standard. Particularly since they recognize that my 'private sector experience and optimistic approach are much needed in Washington.'”

Congressman Michael Arcuri's campaign press secretary, Jeb Fain, released a statment saying, “Upstate New Yorkers will decide this election, not newspapers, and at the end of the day, we think that voters are going to care more about honesty than endorsements. It's interesting that Hanna told the OD that he will repeal healthcare but told the Syracuse Post-Standard that he won’t.” (Links provided by Arcuri campaign press secretary Jeb Fain.)

Bill Owens is running as the incumbent against challenger Matt Doheny. Owens only won a year ago in a special 2009 election, after long-time Congressman John McHugh was nominated to a White House position when President Obama took office.

The Syracuse Post Standard says, "In his short tenure, he has compiled a moderate record — voting for the health care bill, but opposing the financial regulation bill because of concerns it would hurt small banks in his district. Like Doheny, he calls for fresh thinking and is concerned about the federal deficit."

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