Complaint filed over Congressman Arcuri fundraising invitation


AUBURN, N.Y. (WKTV) - An Auburn man has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Congressman Michael Arcuri and the Arcuri for Congress Committee.

According to a letter sent to the Commission by Auburn's Greg Rigby, "Several pieces of Michael Arcuri's campaign literature including a fundraising solicitation have failed to include the required 'Paid for by Arcuri for Congress' disclaimer as required by section 110.11 of the Commission's Regulations."

The piece of literature in question is the following invitation to a fundraiser for the Congressman (CLICK FOR ENLARGED IMAGE):


Rigby goes on to say in his letter "According to the Federal Election Commission, 'Arcuri for Congress' is the official name of the campaign committee. Without disclaimers, it is uncertain if additional outside sources of funding are being used to fund Mr. Arcuri's campaign literature and campaign events."

At the conclusion of his letter, Rigby urges the FEC to "investigate this matter to ensure no future violations occur and seek the maximum fines permitted by law."

Hanna himself has had complaints about his campaign material brought into question when in June 2008, the City of Utica Democratic Chairman filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding the campaign material of the Republican Candidate for Congress in the 24th district.

Democratic Chair Mitchell Ford said back in June that Congressional candidate Richard Hanna did not put the required "Paid for by Hanna for Congress" disclaimer on several pieces of campaign literature, and Ford sent a notarized complaint - similar to Rigby's letter - to the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC.

Similar to Rigby's complain against Arcuri, Ford at the time said that "without the disclaimer, it is uncertain if additional outside sources of funding are being used to fund campaign literature."

In response to Rigby's complaint filed against Congressman Arcuri and his campaign, Arcuri's Campaign Manager Jordan Karp said:

"Mr. Rigby's allegation is 100% false.  In fact, the only candidate in this race who continues to violate federal election law is Richard Hanna, who's campaign materials are still not in compliance with the law, 4 months after complaints were filed," Karp said. "This is merely a distraction tactic to avoid talking about Mike Arcuri's proven record of delivering results -- voting 14 times to cut taxes on the middle class; fighting like he did today in Utica to help uninsured families get quality health care coverage; and working to keep our nation's promise to veterans."
Karp went on to say:
1. All our materials are compliant. The invite in question says "Authorized by Arcuri for Congress," rather than "Paid for By Arcuri for Congress" which is entirely legal.
2. Richard Hanna still hasn't corrected legal problems that were filed with the FEC in MAY, including his website ( and bumper stickers, which still don't have a "Paid For by" BOX (required by law).
3. Hanna is just trying to distract from the real issues in this campaign, refusing to talk about what matters in this race - the war in Iraq, creating jobs in Upstate, middle class tax relief.
"This points to Mike Arcuri's hypocrisy. He is not a first time candidate, and as a career politician he should not be making these mistakes. It's important to point out the double standards here," said Renee Gamela, spokesperson for Arcuri's congressional opponent Richard Hanna.

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