Pat Tyksinski wins New Hartford Town Supervisor race


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Republican Pat Tyksinski is now the Town Supervisor-elect in New Hartford after beating out his opponent Bill Morris by more than 25% of the vote.

Tyksinski ran for the same position in 2005 but lost in the primary to Incumbent Earle Reed. When Reed decided to not run again.

Tyksinski will face a huge tax levy in the Town of New Hartford but feels that he is ready for the job. Tyksinski celebrated his victory at Cavallo's Restaurant where he said he was nervous about the tasks at hand. He said, "We have to go in there and tackle some problems. It is going to be good, though. We are going to turn it around and we will have this thing turned around in the not so distant future."

Bill Morris conceded late Tuesday to his opponent and also congratulated him on a great race. . Morris said, "(Tyksinski) did what he had to do to get voters behind him. He has the mandate of the people of New Hartford."

Morris did not rule out running for public office again in the future. He is the former Oneida County Democratic Chairperson and owns the New Hartford Shopping Center

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