Griffo endorsed by Independence Party

New York State Independence Party Vice-Chair John Dote and Lewis County Chairman and member of the New York State Independence Executive Committee Joe Baruth announced that the reform-oriented Senator Joe Griffo has received the endorsement of the Independence Party.

Griffo, who has made changing the culture and strengthening the ethical standards of Albany a priority in his tenure in the State Senate, was endorsed by the Independence Party during his 2008 re-election campaign.

“I am very pleased to receive this endorsement because the principles I stand for are very much in line with those of the Independence Party,” Griffo said. “I am standing up for my region, for reform, for results and for tax relief that can bring an economic and community revival to our region. I know that the Independence Party wants to bring change to Albany and bring greatness to New York State. I am pleased to partner with the party to make this happen.”

“Joe Griffo has shown that he can make a difference in Albany,” Dote said. “The Independence party believes New York needs reform, and we stand behind one of Albany’s most active reformers, Joe Griffo, in his efforts to change the system. Senator Griffo has been a leading advocate for our region, and has stood tall in seeking reforms. The Senator’s advocacy policies and programs to reduce government spending make him an effective legislator who needs to be re-elected.”

“I have worked in Albany to replace the dysfunctional, decaying system of Albany’s archaic political system with a responsive, open, reformed way of governing,” Griffo said. “My success in advancing reform legislation is Albany comes from the knowledge that I am working on behalf of the people of my district. I believe that the debacle of these past years has created a new climate for change, and I want to be a leader to take advantage of this opportunity. I am optimistic that the support I am receiving will help secure compete passage of my initiatives to reduce authorities, restrict spending, require term limits and direct elections to fill statewide vacancies, and create a Reform constitutional convention to build a new system of governing out of Albany’s ruins and chaos.”

Joe Baruth added, “This election is a pivotal point in the future of Upstate and Northern New York. We are all paying the cost of the tax increases jammed down our throats from the secrecy that Senator Griffo has so consistently opposed. We need an advocate who will continue to fight for change so that we can control spending and create effective government in Albany. Senator Griffo has the record and the commitment to show he can bring about that change.”

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